Using potential for sustainable results
nachhaltig Potentiale Möglichkeiten Impact Lösungen

Nothing is more important than achieving sustainable and viable results. We have developed a coordination system which ensures that know-how generated during the start-up and growth phase of our involvement remains there where it belongs. There is a great amount of potential in the civilian societies of Africa, Asia, and Latin America and we contribute to the realization of this potential. Great developments over the last couple of years have created new opportunities: Mobile phones in connection with the internet have triggered a small revolution, especially in poorer communities. Our goal is to contribute to solutions, not to re-invent the wheel. Neither do we claim to have the perfect solutions. These only emerge where people can sustainably support them with joy and enthusiasm because they are “theirs”. 

Zukunft Menschen vernetzt Partner UnterstützungInvest in the future – Invest in humans

Much has been written already about working on an equal footing; we walk the talk together with our partners according to the “Inside-Out Principle”. We are deeply rooted and interlaced in the civil society of all the countries we work in. We listen carefully to the needs of our potential partners and only initiate our involvement once we fully understand what the underlying issue is and how to approach it. Listening is our priority and we call it “insight”. Potential partners from both sides need to apply to us. Project Partners have to describe what they are looking for. Only after critical analysis, in-depth discussions and clarification of the facts surrounding the project are we able to decide if we can support the project (or not). The managers on the other hand, need to inform us about their suitability and their capabilities that may enable them to help solve the challenges of the project partners they want to work with. They are involved right from the start of the projects and also play a crucial role in the post-assignment evaluation process. Our Managing partners are the “field workers” of our organisation. 

On the spot

Ergebnisse Wirtschaftsleute Armut besiegen ProblemConcrete Solutions

We want to achieve results – that’s a common trait of all business people. Focused and as comprehensibly as possible. The more the better: Only if things improve, can poverty be tackled and eventually be eliminated. Ideally this will all result in no further need for help from us or anyone else on the outside. At the most some assistance may be required from us now and again, but this should be limited to some exceptional cases and is in itself perfectly acceptable. 

Ultimately, we want to make ourselves redundant again, when the problem is solved and the « store is running ». To reach that goal, we are currently building a network with local partners: Business HUBs of managers without borders. 

First trials are in East and West Africa. In our HUBs all those who want to solve their business problems with our help will be able to directly meet. In this way we are always directly and locally accessible, well represented and supported by local leaders and employees.