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Social comittment supported by the employer. 

“I want to give something back”, is the most frequently expressed motivation for the cooperation with manager without borders. We have found this with our participants for many years.

The “managers” working as managers without borders do a great deal in the fight against poverty and flight. They overcome fears, dive into other social strata and, above all, they are prepared to face the intercultural challenge, to work with completely alien people in alien worlds, often under externally challenging conditions, yet at the same time achieving results. They are our most important partners in the competence team.
These managers come back with irreplaceable experiences and a knowledge that they could not have somehow achieved in any other way. This does not only result in personal growth, but also creates a greater expertise in international managerial tasks.

This global social skills acquisition should not be understood as a “leadership training program”, but more an experienced reality that links with the deep need to become a person who supports higher values.

And in addition: we integrate your employees into change processes that generate solutions for those people who want to escape their hardships and become independent to finally be able to feed themselves and their families.

There are two very good reasons for giving, managers, and, above all, junior executives the opportunity to gain these experiences:

Your employees will be highly motivated.

And with an appropriate return program, your entire corporate culture will receive huge benefits from every single assignment your employees are involved in.
Project missions are varying durations, starting from 1-2 weeks and are possible for individuals as well as groups.
We will gladly discuss the entrepreneurial win-win effect with you personally.


Corporate volunteering is almost a “must have” for sustainable leadership nowadays. Invite us for a consultation and we can work out the benefits for your company – in a small workshop tailored to your needs – at the same time minimizing any concerns you may have about not being able to function without one of your executives for a period of time.

We are quite sure that the balance of this social investment will remain positive, so let us discuss it together, gladly also at your company or at our next in-depth seminar.
Your connection to us is our Managing Director Helene Prölß and she can be contacted directly via:


or telephone: +49 711 2362390

Preliminary information for your business is available as a PDF-download here.