Projet description:

Located in Kampala, our project partner is a socially oriented business whose primary focus is the promotion of green energy. Through innovative and self-sustaining solutions, it is aimed to continuously improve the local population’s  quality of life. Having started in 2011, the project has grown into a business with a proficient network of people who develop and distribute cost-cutting, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products such as cooking stoves, briquettes and machinery. With over 100 employees, partners and distributors, our product partner is now leading the promotion of green energy in Uganda and East-Africa. Among other things, their work seeks to promote women’s equality in Uganda. They aim to improve women’s lives by giving them better working solutions and offering equal social and economic growth opportunities.

objectif de projet:

Aim of the collaboration with managers without borders is supposed to primarily benefit the involved accounting and administrative staff. Secondly, the knowledge retention will benefit our project partner in general and ultimately its clients and partners.


  • Accounting and financial controlling.
  • Capacity-Building of accounting and admin staff
  • Review and/or assess internal financial policies